Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go Green - Now Is The Time!

Holy Crap!!

I just purchased some all natural, affordable, plant-based household products last week. I did this because the other day, when I opened my dishwasher to put away the dishes, there was Christopher, climbing all over the door, playing with the tiny trap where the dishwasher soap goes, rubbing his eyes, and putting his fingers in his mouth. My immediate reaction to this was, "OMG! Did all of the bleach really get washed away from my Cascade Power Pacs?"..."..will he be blinded if he keeps rubbing his eyes, or perhaps poisoned by putting his fingers in his mouth?" Same reaction took place this past weekend when I was cleaning the bathroom. "Did I wash all of the Borax off of the bathroom floor?" "Will the cats be okay if they drink out of my Lysol'd toilet?", "Do I even know the phone number to Poison Control??" (The answer to that last question was "NO!!)

I didn't want to worry anymore, so I researched online and I have found my new products. No more Lysol, no more bleach, no more Borax, no more worrying. These products are so safe that they don't even have child-proof caps on them! That means, no more having to worry about those harmful chemicals locked up under the kitchen sink. Now, I don't mean that Christopher is free to play with these products. I just mean that it is one less worry that I have to have with him. And it's one less worry that I have to have of me contributing to the harmful waste that is being dumped in our drinking water, soil and oceans daily.

Some of you may have the same concerns as I do about your children, pets and/or environment. If you do and are looking for a go-green approach, let me know. I will be glad to share my experiences with these awesome products with you.

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